NGF At a glance


Who Are We?

Nashville Gig Finder (NGF) is a closed group of selected, professional musicians working in Nashville, TN.  NGF helps connect professional musicians and industry professionals together to create career opportunities.  NGF also helps create unique situations for musicians, songwriters, composers, and recording professional to create exclusive content.

Upcoming Events

Nashville Gig Finder will be hosting a jam session in Nashville, TN at a future date yet to be determined where all NFF members will be invited.  We will also have special guests from well-known bands and artists to be named prior to the event!

NGF Member Highlighted Testimonial

"NGF was directly responsible for opening the door for me to audition and land the lead guitar job with Chris Janson!"  - Chalmers Croft

Lead Guitarist Chris Jansen 2016 - 2018